The Bentleigh Club in Melbourne offers a number of function rooms to suit your specific requirements Bars at The Bentleigh Club for your relaxation, to have a drink with friends, watch the footy or races or play darts with mates The Bentleigh Club hosts many events for family entertainment, Friday nights, Saturday nights, dancing with friends The Bentleigh Club Bistro for families and friends, good food and family entertainment Cheap gym membership at The Bentleigh Club offers a range of gym equipment to keep you fit and healthy

Welcome Back To The Bentleigh Club...
We Have Missed You!

We have put in place a lot of procedures to ensure you can enjoy yourself safely while in the club. All of these procedures have been implemented in accordance with legislative requirements.

Sanitizing stations are available for use and social distancing is practiced at all times.

We also ask that all our club members and guests treat our staff politely and with respect – they are doing their utmost to both comply with the guidelines and to ensure that you can enjoy yourself.

Rest assured the Bentleigh Club is and will continue to comply with the Government standards of CoVid19 hygiene.

All management and staff have completed the Victoria Government’s Operating a Hospitality Business in a CoVid19 Environment Training and ensured that all our staff are familiar with the Hospitality Industry Guidelines for CoVid19.

Please stay safe, follow the rules and enjoy yourself!

Gym / Sauna


Please note trading hours will be extended once resourcing allows.

Click Here for the Bistro's modified menu During Covid restrictions

Fom Thursday 29th Jan

From Thursday 28th Jan